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Mayor Cahill, Councilman Egan, and Councilwoman Escobar Sworn into New Terms

Mayor Cahill, Councilman Egan, and Councilwoman Escobar Sworn into New Terms

The air was electric in City Hall as Mayor Jim Cahill, Councilman Kevin P. Egan and Councilwoman Rebecca H. Escobar were sworn into new office terms during an Inauguration Ceremony.

Councilwoman Escobar was sworn in by the Hon. Roger Daly in the company of her daughter and grandson. Councilman Egan took the oath of office in the company of his wife, from the Honorable Mary Casey.

Mayor Cahill, having been reelected to an unprecedented 8th term in office, thanked New Brunswick residents for “great honor” to serve, spoke of the many accomplishments of his administration, as well as of the goals to reach in the next four years.

“Together with our Council, we deliver the best services at the best cost, ” Cahill said. “A safer city with crime cut in half. A senior resource center second to none. New schools and award-winning youth programming. Investments in our parks, water and sewer infrastructure. And our ambitious Sustainable New Jersey initiatives”.

Mayor Cahill also looked to the future initiatives already underway, including the opening of the city’s new Performing Arts Center, and the renaming of Commercial Avenue to Paul Robeson Boulevard, to dedicate, “a man ahead of his time, and someone near and dear to the New Brunswick community”.

Mayor Cahill ended off his address by looking forward to, “continue our work together to build a better New Brunswick for today and for generations to come”.



For the Rutgers Student Democrats one question is being heard loud and clear, R U 4 Cahill?

At the Hidden Grounds Coffee House at 4C Easton Ave on Tuesday night a campaign awareness event was held to lend support to the reelection efforts of Mayor James Cahill.

With music playing and the guest enjoying coffee books of changes, both past and future, were distributed to highlight just how much the city has changed.

“When you look at New Brunswick in 1991, when Mayor Cahill was elected, and you look now you can see he is the epitome of change,” said Michael Zhadanovsky, the VP of College Democrats of NJ.

Zhadanovsky attributed the dramatic landscape change, from the Yard to the development of the Hub, as proof of Mayor Cahills success.

“Mayor Cahill, his council team, and his administration just secured a $100,000 grant from Governor Murphy’s innovation program that’s going straight to the hub,” he said.

New Brunswick is a great place to live for students and graduates thanks to the opportunities that have arisen due to the Mayor, Zhadanovsky said.

“New Brunswick has been the home to Rutgers for 250 years and that means New Brunswick has been the home of students for 250 years,” said Mayor Cahill.

Mayor Cahill joked that he hasn’t been around for the whole time, but the City and the University have grown together.

“We saw there was a need to make the City collaborate with the University and vice versa,” he said.

The Mayor then went on to highlight some of the major changes that have resulted from the cooperation between the two entities, ranging from the new book store, the Gateway Center, The Yard, and the academic building on seminary place.

“There were abandoned buildings, underutilized buildings, owned by the seminary,” Cahill said. “To put the Seminary in a room with Rutgers University, get them to swap lands … and to put together an academic building, the first academic building built in ten years.”

Tilak Bhatnagar, an Honors College student and Edison Young Democrats President, was impressed and thankful for the work the city put into helping that develop.

“As an Honors College student, the Honors College is a great example of the development work for Rutgers that Mayor Cahill has been involved with,” Bhatnagar said. “Mayor Cahill’s history of collaborating with Rutgers on a variety of initiatives speaks for itself.”

Rutgers University Democrats Treasurer, Sam Beson, said that supporting Mayor Cahill is supporting New Brunswick and Rutgers University.

“What really stuck out to me was all the changes he has over seen that I took for granted because I was here afterwards,” Beson said. “I was never here when The Yard was a parking lot and the academic buildings were seminary buildings.”

First year student Ameena Qobrtay said that meeting the mayor and hearing what he did was a huge benefit to her from attending the event.

“He did a really good job of explaining what he did for the school, which is what I was interested in,” Qobrtay said.

Booker visits New Brunswick, supports Cahill at ice cream social

Booker visits New Brunswick, supports Cahill at ice cream social Featured

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker (D) and Sen. Robert Menendez (D) joined Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J. 6) at Mt. Zion AME Church in New Brunswick yesterday to voice their objections of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

On Thursday, Booker threatened to air confidential documents regarding Kavanaugh’s position on racial profiling and information during his time working as a White House official for former President George W. Bush’s administration, according to an article from NJ Advance Media.

Booker moved to have the documents disclosed and they since have been. Whether the information was available prior to Booker’s demonstration on Thursday, where he claimed to have defied Senate rules by threatening to release the documents, has been a point of contention on both ends, according to the article.

He was threatened with penalties, that he says have since been revived by other Senate members late last week, and acknowledged his actions should have resulted in his expulsion, according to an article from TapInto.

“Right now, here we stand on Monday morning, and I have now released hundreds of pages of committee confidential documents against their rules, because they’re sham rules,” Booker told reporters from NJ Advance Media at yesterday’s event.

Menendez and Pallone echoed Booker’s feelings and said Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court could impact immigration, health care, civil rights, racial profiling and abortion in America, according to the article.

Prior to the event, Booker attended an ice cream social at Thomas Sweet Ice Cream on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick in support of Mayor James Cahill’s (D) campaign. It is Cahill’s latest in a series of initiatives to connect with the Rutgers student body leading into November’s mayoral election.

Cahill also attended the event at Mt. Zion AME Church earlier in the day.

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